Heathkit is the brand name of kits and other electronic products produced and marketed by the Heath Company. The products over the decades have included electronic test equipmenthigh fidelity home audio equipment, television receivers, amateur radio equipment, robots, electronic ignition conversion modules for early model cars with point style ignitions, and the influential Heath H-8, H, and H hobbyist computerswhich were sold in kit form for assembly by the purchaser.

You Can Build It.

Heathkit manufactured electronic kits from until After closing that business, the Heath Company continued with its products for education, and motion-sensor lighting controls. The lighting control business was sold around The company announced in that they were reentering the kit business after a year hiatus but then filed for bankruptcy in[1] and under new ownership began restructuring in As of [update]the company has a live website with newly-designed products, services, vintage kits, and replacement parts for sale.

Heath Aerial Vehicle Co. Starting in it sold a light aircraft, the Heath Parasolin kit form. After World War IIAnthony decided that entering the electronics industry was a good idea, and bought a large stock of surplus wartime electronic parts with the intention of building kits with them. After the success of the oscilloscope kit, Heath went on to produce dozens of Heathkit products. Heathkits were influential in shaping two generations of electronic hobbyists.

The Heathkit sales premise was that by investing the time to assemble a Heathkit, the purchasers could build something comparable to a factory-built product at a significantly lower cash cost and, if it malfunctioned, could repair it themselves.

During those decades, the premise was basically valid. Commercial factory-built electronic products were constructed from generic, discrete components such as vacuum tubestube sockets, capacitors, inductors and resistorsand essentially hand-wired and assembled. The home kit-builder could perform these assembly tasks himself, and, if careful, to at least the same standard of quality.

In the case of their most expensive product, the Thomas electronic organbuilding the Heathkit version represented substantial savings. One category in which Heathkit enjoyed great popularity was amateur radio.

heathkit amplifiers

Ham radio operators had frequently been forced to build their equipment from scratch before the advent of kits, with the difficulty of procuring all the parts separately and relying on often-experimental designs.

Kits brought the convenience of all parts being supplied together and the assurance of a predictable finished product; many Heathkit models became well known in the ham radio community. The HW HF transceiver became so ubiquitous that even today the "Hot Water One-Oh-One" can be found in use, or purchased as used equipment at hamfestsdecades after it went out of production.

In the case of electronic test equipment, Heathkits often filled a low-end niche. The instruction books were regarded as the best in the kit industry, being models of clarity, beginning with basic lessons on soldering technique, and proceeding with explicit directions, illustrated with line drawings: the drawings opened out so as to be opposite the relevant text which might be several pages away and were aligned with the assembler's eye position.

Also in view was a box to check as each task was accomplished. No knowledge of electronics was needed to assemble a Heathkit. The assembly process did not teach much about electronics, but provided a great deal of what could have been called "electronics literacy", such as the ability to identify tube pin numbers or read a resistor color code. Many hobbyists began by assembling Heathkits, became familiar with the appearance of components like capacitorstransformersresistors, and tubes, and were motivated to find out just what these components actually did.

Heath developed a relationship with electronics correspondence schools e.

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Heath supplied electronic kits to be assembled as part of courses, with the school basing its texts and lessons around the kit.

Heathkits could teach deeper lessons.All of my suppliers are also out of stock and back-ordered as well. Unfortunately, this means I an unable to pack any kits or complete any orders for kits the use the uF capacitors. My suppliers keep telling me that caps may arrive any day but realistically it could be weeks up to months before I have any caps back in stock. I am doing the best I can to find alternate suppliers with quality capacitors but they are hard to find right now and I will not use the knock-off caps sold on the auction sites.

If you have an order waiting you can continue to wait for caps to come in or you can contact me to cancel the order for a full refund. I hope this situation gets better soon! The PC boards come with the wire connection terminals pre-staked and soldered to the PC boards. Complete step by step instructions are also available for download from the website. This all-in-one board installs in the power supply in the original mounting location. It features all new resistors, diodes and capacitors on a newly-designed double-sided PC board.

This all-in-one board installs over the bottom of the transformer like the original, but has all new resistors, diodes and capacitors on a single PC board. The PCB is pre-assembled and tested and includes a new 3-wire line cord and new safety AC line bypass capacitors. This all-in-one board provides a soft-start, soft-key and user adjustable biasing for the Drake L-4B amplifier.

The Heathkit Shop

The board is assembled and comes with all necessary mounting hardware, miscellaneous parts and wiring. Search our Site. Product Categories.

Shopping Cart.The Ampkeyer is back. This newest version of the Ampkeyer has several important improvements of the last model. First and foremost, there is now a power switch. It's mounted on the front panel for ease of use. There is a power on LED. You have a choice of two radios. Either one will key the Ampkeyer.

heathkit amplifiers

Click here for more details and ordering page. Click here for more information and ordering. New display board for the SB Email for more detai ls. New products for the Drake collector. Drake TR-7 power supply oscillator control board. Drake TR-7 extension boards. Drake calibrator for 2A, 2B, and 2C. New Drake AC4 step-start. A few of the most popular kits.

Drake AC4 power supply upgrade With several thousand sold, this is the original upgrade to the Drake AC4 high voltage power supply. Go to the Drake AC4R page. Comes complete with all the parts needed to replace the two aging capacitor boards in the original Drake supply. Go to the Drake L4 page. Great for portable operation. Add a solar panel, a battery, and you're QRV. Heathkit HP23RL Replace all those old leaky capacitors with new state-of-the art electrolytic capacitors. Comes with new diodes, resistors, and of course a double sided pcb that mounts on top of the HP No holes to drill.

Looking for Heathkit parts? Click here! Shipping costs increase. With USPS as well as other carriers, the cost of shipping has gone up. I've kept it as low for as long as possible, however the latest increase hurt. Smaller pcbs and connectors will ship at first class rates. The Heathkit Shop Keeping the green flame burning. Welcome to the Heathkit Shop. The Ampkeyer is back This newest version of the Ampkeyer has several important improvements of the last model.

The Heathkit Shop. Email: prosolar sssnet. Small projects for the ham radio operator.Talk about big iron! This Heathkit W-6M monophonic amplifier was at the top of many shopping lists in I got this amp in a trade with a fellow collector in The TM monitor was used in TV studios and it was engineered to display the finest color picture possible in the mids. Like most video monitors, it displays a picture with no audio.

Of course, I could use a modern audio amp, but the W-6M is a more fitting companion. By joining these two best-of-breed components, I'll enjoy a s television experience that few people could have witnessed outside a broadcast studio.

Below is an advertisement from the September, issue of High Fidelity :.

heathkit amplifiers

The W-6M uses a pair of tubes to pump out 70 watts. It is a Williamson amplifier, a type that was popular in high-fidelity circles during the s and s. You can find a brief description of Williamson amps in a Wikipedia article. More details appear in these technical articles by the designer, D. Williamson amps are characterized by massive transformers.

The W-6M weighs over forty pounds and most of that weight lies in its big black transformers. Click the next icon to view the first dozen pages of the W-6M owner's manual, which includes the schematic diagram and many technical details. By purchasing this amp in kit form, an audio enthusiast could save a considerable amount of money. Here's another look at the W-6M with its tube cage removed. On the left are the beefy tubes:.

The front panel has four controls and a meter. From left to right, the controls are: the damping factor control, the bias meter switch, and two bias adjusters one for each tube.He worked it out perfectly and well understood our sometimes complicated emails.

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D-lab Heathkit 6BQ5 Retrofit tube Guitar amp Head demo Classic sound

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